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DIAMOND, The story of Ronald Hummons


DIAMOND is the story of how early childhood trauma created in Ronald Hummons the resilience he needed to adapt to his dangerous environment. Being a product of rape, survived two abortion attempts, and beatings that left a 5 year old Ronald bloody and bruised gave him an enhanced capacity to learn survival methods that would prove effective in his journey to greatness., DIAMOND was created out of the trauma. Ronald's need for love and acceptance led him to create an identity that represented everything he desired to be. This identity gave him a sense of value that would replace his insecurities, the toughness would mask his gentle spirit, and the resilience to endure the pressure DIAMOND would have to endure to become the tool God needed him to be to impact the world.



Recent scientific research has unequivocally proven how traumatic events at a younger age can affect a person’s development. Stunted growth, depression, and mental disorders are common in children that suffer from terrible childhood experiences. Ronald Hummons will dive deep into the effects of childhood trauma and take you on a journey of healing.

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Ronald Hummons is proud to announce the launch of STRIKEBACK SUICIDE APP. This Suicide Prevention app was designed as a suicide prevention resource for individuals suffering from depression, children that are victims of bullying and as an emergency resource in the event of a school emergency. This app is responsible for asking valuable information that could save the lives of many. At the touch of a button, this app will notify family and friends, informing them that the user is not well or in immediate danger. It has been shown statistically that the intervention of family and friends has prevented many suicide attempts. This app works hard to give people all the tools they need to fight depression and notify families if the user is in danger of self-harm or harm by others.

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Our mission is to serve as a resource to increase early diagnosis, treatment options, and sustainable care to Black and Brown children experiencing childhood trauma.

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